Every good thing I had...abandoned me

I was watching House tonight. I've never really seen it before last week (and that was an accident), and that episode was pretty cool, so I thought I'd check out this week's episode. Funny thing is, the company that employs me has a House online store (don't worry, you don't have to buy anything). I've just never bothered to check out the show. In any case, I thought that tonight's episode was pretty good (the main plot was a couple of high school sweethearts who turned out to be half-brother/half-sister because the boy's father had had an affair with the woman next door), but the icing on the cake was that Michael Penn's Walter Reed played at the end of the show. It was a pretty good musical moment; House was being arrested in retaliation for his disrespectful treating of a patient (who happened to be a cop) while Penn is singing, "Every good thing I had, abandoned me." Man, I fucking love that line.

Grab this track from Penn's woefully underrated album, Mr. Hollywood Jr. 1948, and check out other tracks here.

Michael Penn > Walter Reed

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