I followed you, foolishly

I can't decide which version of this Yo La Tengo song I like better. The album version is so elegant and understated, while the EP version is completely revved up. Georgia's voice is really pretty in both cases, so I guess it's just a matter of whether I am feeling up or down. You can find the original on the Summer Sun album, and the rock n' roll version on the Today Is The Day EP. If you are interested in more, their website appears to be down at this writing, but definitely check out the inevitable myspaXXX page and the Matador Records site.

Yo La Tengo > Today Is The Day (album version)

Yo La Tengo > Today Is The Day (EP version)

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Ben said...

for whatever reason can't get the songs to load, but i vote for the album version. the ep version is just too, too much for me.