California Love #3: 2pac featuring Dr. Dre > California Love

There really wasn't any stopping this one from coming up, it probably should have been the first post of this series. I guess California Love was part of the whole West Coast/East Coast rivalry thing, maybe even a response to another song. Someone please feel free to step in. Also, that cover is really bad. They really could have done better. In any case, I like the whole roll call thing, naming off some of the cities in California, and the beat is fucking great. It's just an excellent song.

Whenever I think of Tupac, the Chris Rock's dialogue on rap music inevitably pops into my head, always makes me laugh. Check it out...

So yeah, I like this track, it's rockin'.

2pac featuring Dr. Dre > California Love


Stef said...

Man, I actually bought that CD... Not a bad song but everything Chris Rock said is true!

jennifer said...

Ha. My sister put this track on a mix CD of RAP tunes she made me a few years ago.

Fact: Tupac was SEXY. What was that movie he made with Tim Roth? Man, I didn't know where to look in that movie.

Oh, was it Gridlock'd?