The Future Is Unwritten

There's a new documentary about Joe Strummer, called The Future Is Unwritten. So far, it seems to be playing in the UK only, hopefully it gets out here soon because I'd really like to see it. I'm almost ashamed to say I got into The Clash so late, waaaaay after they were gone. Joe Strummer seemed like a real, genuine hero. I bet it would have been fascinating to have a chat with him over a few beers. Seems only fitting that he should do a cover of Bob Marley's Redemption Song. You can find this on the Streetcore album, which was released in 2003, just after his death. He was working on this album at that time. He also had recorded a duet of this track with Johnny Cash, which shows up on the Cash 5-disc box set, Unearthed. So I'm posting both versions just because I like them. It might be overkill, but whatever, I'm just trying to share the love.

Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros > Redemption Song

Joe Strummer & Johnny Cash > Redemption Song

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