Step into Christmas, the admission's free

I got into the Wedding Present waaaay late, but hey, better late than never. Right? I once had a housemate who loved them and would play choice songs for me, but it never clicked. A few years ago, I went to see the The New Pornographers and guess who was supporting. It was Cinerama, which is David Gedge's "other" band. Cinerama were so fucking good, I was completely taken. I bought a few of their albums and sure enough, I started to delve into the Wedding Present and it all came together beautifully. Anyway, this is their kickass cover of Elton John's "Step Into Christmas", which you can find on their "Hit Parade 2" album, as well as that "Lump of Coal" compilation I mentioned a couple weeks back.

The Wedding Present > Step Into Christmas


jennifer said...

Hee. That wasn't very good, but still shambolic and rambling! What year is this from?

robot_hero said...

this is like 91 or 92, i think. i thought you were a weddoes fan!