I Want An Alien For Christmas

Some people think Fountains of Wayne are a novelty band, and in some ways, they are. What I really like about them are their smart, catchy pop songs. They've got enough hooks to last days and days. In any case, both of these are pretty darn catchy with a healthy dose of fun. You can find the tracks on FoW's "Out-of-State Plates" compilation or on the original single (pictured) if you have the time/cash to track it down.

Fountains of Wayne > I Want An Alien For Christmas
Fountains of Wayne > The Man In The Santa Suit


Stef said...

I don't think FoW are novelty band, just a shit one! ;-)

I know you like them but really...

Bah! Merry Christmas anyway!

robot_hero said...

Ha, s'all good, buddy. Happy holidays! ^_^