Frida Kahlo

I'm not schooled in art and I don't really know much about Frida Kahlo except the little excerpts and bios I've run across from time to time. She certainly sounds like an interesting character. Please add a comment if you studied her art or anything like that, I'd be interested in hearing about it. I also keep meaning to check out the movie that has Salma Hayek playing Frida, I've had a few people recommend it to me.

The reason I'm typing this out is because I've been on a Rachel's listening spree lately and the track, "Frida Kahlo" (from the "Handwriting" album) is one of my favorites. It's pretty and sweet, with a little dose of melancholy. I think Rachel's mostly get lumped into the post-rock category, but they're kinda like classical music with modern touches. I really hate all these labels, so let's just say their music is very good and worth seeking out.

Listen: Rachel's > Frida Kahlo


Stef said...

I know next to nothing about art but Frida was good, very distinctive and alluring.

I was planning on seeing an exhibition of her work in London a while back but couldn't make it for various reasons which was a shame.

The Salma Hayek movie is good, definitely worth checking out.

robot_hero said...

Thanks dude, I'll have to check it soon.