Attack of the 70s

This song totally reminds me of when I was a kid. Yeah, I'm old school. That electric piano at the beginning reminds me of a little music box. I used to get such a rush when it would come on the radio, I liked singing along to it. It would conjure up these visions people dancing around a bonfire on a beach in the middle of the night. I grabbed the track from Rhino's box set called "Have A Nice Decade: The 70s Pop Culture Box", which has seven discs worth of 70s pop goodness and one-hit wonders. I could probably get a lot of posting mileage out of this box, but I won't subject anyone to that. I myself can't even listen to much of it in one sitting. A little bit once in a while is okay. Anyways...Listen: King Harvest > Dancing In The Moonlight

***I'm hoping to get a guest article (or at least a couple of paragraphs) from a friend. It'd be nice to get a different perspective and take a little break from my own infatuations and obsessions, although
I enjoy doing this and I pretty much do it whenever I feel like it.

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