Yes, it's another PUFFY post. May as well accept it, because you know I love em. So yeah, here's a new PUFFY album, Splurge, coming on July 25th. The first single appears to be "Tokyo I'm On My Way", the video is already all over youtube.com. I'm really digging "Mole-Like", and the album sounds like it'll be fun. Also cool to see "Nice Buddy" show up on the album, that track absolutely kicks my ass. I've posted that one before, but it deserves to be heard again. There are tourdates over at Tofu Records, and you can check out some more tracks over at their myspace site. Also, the email list says the official site will relaunch for the new album on July 5th, so check it out. Here's the "Splurge" tracklist:
1. Call Me What You Like
2. Nice Buddy
3. Tokyo I'm On My Way
4. Radio Tokyo
5. Mole-Like
6. Etude
7. Go Baby Power Now
8. Sunday In The Park
9. Missing You Baby
10. The Story
11. Mole
12. Cameland
13. Security Blanket
14. Beginnings
15. Friends Forever ~FICKLE Remix~
16. Teen Titans Theme ~POLYSICS' CR-06 MIX~
Tokyo I'm On My Way
Nice Buddy

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