All I want in life's a little bit of love to take the pain away

I've been listening to Spiritualized today. I probably owe Ben for introducing me to them. Well, not entirely. I had bought "Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space" when it was released in 97, but it didn't really click with me at that time, and so the cd sat on the shelf for quite a while. Ben had an extra ticket to see them in, 2001, I think it was. I'm pretty sure that's it, because "Let It Come Down" had just been released and they were touring in support of that album.

So I went along and it turned out to be another one of those moments where a band's live performance completely won me over, essentially finishing the job that an album had started out doing. And after the performance, I just felt like I had a better understanding of the albums, or more of a connection. (See also my post regarding Neko Case, both in terms of live performance, connection, and being another artist introduced to me by Ben).

While I don't have everything of theirs and I wasn't particulary happy with the latest album, "Amazing Grace", I still look forward to a new release just to hear what might happen next. Oddly, the album I recommend is the one I inititially couldn't connect with, "Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space". In a cool way, the album is like a drug. It's very hypnotic and mesmerising. It's as if Spaceman Pierce took all the drugs so I didn't have to. Another thing I like is that Jason Pierce writes what look like the cheesiest lyrics on paper, but the way he sings the words, for me, is just so heartfelt and genuine. Listen to songs like "Broken Heart" or "I Didn't Mean To Hurt You" and hopefully you'll know what I mean.

Broken Heart
I Didn't Mean To Hurt You
Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space
I Think I'm In Love (Radio Edit) (The album version is over 8 minutes long!)


jennifer said...

I saw them in...2002? And while it was pretty fuzzy woozy love hazy ace, it didn't blow me away like I think it should have done. That could have been because the venue was pretty empty and it didn't seem people were feelin' it. This was in Milwaukee still!

Stef said...

My over-riding memory of Spiritualised is stumbling out of a club at about 6am one morning and collapsing on a friends sofa. They put a Spiritualised CD on repeat and then passed out. I was too wired to sleep and too knackered to move so I listened to it while off my box about 7 times!

I can't really deal with them any more! :-)

robot_hero said...

Damn, Stef, I wouldn't be able to deal either after a harrowing experience like that. Seriously, it sounds like some kinda Clockwork Orange conditioning program.

Jen, "pretty fuzzy woozy love hazy ace" is the best description I've ever heard for any kinda music, and it totally fits for Spiritualized. You know I'm going to appropriate that someday.