late to the party...again

I just peeped Tilly and The Wall's "Wild Like Children" for the first time last week (and it was released two years ago) and I can't get it away from my playlist. This is the catchiest, sunniest, poppiest album ever. They've got a new album, "Bottoms of Barrels", coming at the end of this month and I'm betting it'll be well worth the time.

The whole album is shimmering pop goodness, but I'd have to say my favorite song is "Nights of the Living Dead". They sound so exhuberant and ecstatic near the end of the song, practically shouting "I wanna fuck it up! I wanna fuck it up! I wanna fuck it up! And I feel so alive! And I feel so alive! And I feel so alive!" It's like falling in love with pop music all over again.

Check it out:
Nights of the Living Dead

team-love (label)
myspace site #1
myspace site #2

I'm guessing that myspace #1 is the "official" site since that's the one that's linked on their site. Also check out this vid for "Ice Storm, Big Gust, and You". (Can you tell I'm digging this youtube.com embedding tool?)


jennifer said...

Oh damn!!


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robot_hero said...

ooh, you rock ^_^

Stef said...

The YouTube tool does indeed Rock. I keep taking movies on my cellphone and putting them up on YouTube for no particular reason.

Not a bad little song but not really my thing. She's quite cute though. :-)