i believe in peace, bitch

a few days ago, a friend sent me an mp3; tori amos covering "total eclipse of the heart". tori's always done interesting cover tunes, this one was okay. at 7 or 8 minutes long, it kinda drags. it's probably about 5 or 6 minutes too long. in any case, listening to that track had me wanting to break out some of the old stuff i used to love. i think i've seen her live about 5 or 6 times, the most recent being in 2001 on the strange little girls tour.

like most people, i fell prey to the kate bush comparisons and bought "little earthquakes" and quickly fell in love. she came around a couple times for that first tour and i went both times. my then girlf absolutely hated her the first time, ended up listening more and enjoying it (probably because i was so obsessed), and demanded to go the second time. her opinion of tori did an about-face. i nearly skipped the choirgirl tour because it was in this huge indoor arena (oakland coliseum), but ended up going with some friends who had just gotten into her. it was a decent show, but i prefer the girl and her piano act.

over the weekend, i listened to all the stuff i have. i have all of the albums up to "scarlet's walk", and i have most of the singles up to around "choirgirl". i still can't wrap my head around "scarlet's walk". even though there are a few good moments, it just seems kinda bland. "from the choirgirl hotel" was the last album i really liked. i think my favorite would be either "under the pink" or "little earthquakes", depending on which day you asked me. those are probably the two best ones, for my money. i haven't listened to "the beekeeper" yet, i've read not so flattering reviews. i might try it out sometime.

favorite tracks would be "precious things", "baker baker", "cloud on my tongue", "father lucifer", "sugar", "raspberry swirl", "winter"...the list goes on.

there are a shitload of websites out there, here are a couple i have bookmarked. they have lots and lots of mp3s for you to check out. of course, don't forget to check out toriamos.com for official news and shit.

diagnosed sounds
collecting bees

muhammad my friend (live with maynard keenan, from tool)
i'm on fire
sugar (live)
smells like teen spirit
baker baker
the waitress (live 1994)


Stef said...

I love Little Earthquakes and think Under the Pink is OK. As for the rest, I reckon you can probably scrape together one good album out of the whole lot... Is that harsh?

Tear in Your Hand my favourite track, no doubt about it.

robot_hero said...

maybe a little harsh, i really like under the pink. boys for pele is pretty good too, but the slide started after that one for me.