team russia

the other night, i had been looking thru some old files when i came across that embarcadero freeway pic. another one i found is this pic which was taken by my friend, roger, who happens to be jennifer's significant other. kinda neat, them both being photographers. in any case, i'll qualify this by saying that i'm not very fond of pix that i'm in and i don't feel like i'm particularly photogenic (and i'm not fishing for compliments, so don't bother). however, this is one of the few i like. i almost look like a real hockey player. so yeah, there it is. roger, unlike jennifer, has a website. check it out, tell him i sent you.

ps: another picture i like is of my ex and i that was taken by jennifer. it's really cool and it doesn't bring up any of those bad ex memories. i'll see if i can drag that one up.

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Stef said...

Old pictures are great and yep, you look pretty convincing as a hockey player!