now it's dark...

i think i posted this pic before. it was taken last summer when rick was visiting. we had gone out to ocean beach on this grey and cloudy day, i think it was a saturday.

today, i was listening to sigur ros, specifically the sigur 1/sigur 9 ep. the third track, "sigur 9B", made me think of this picture for some reason. the song just so haunting and melancholy, sort of like that pic. the song feels like it can go on forever, like the seemingly neverending beach in the pic. it's kinda like the clouds; dark, ominous, with a hint of light and hope trying to break thru. and that empty bench, oh, that empty bench.

i was telling my cousin, cc, today, while listening to the song. i said the song made me feel like i was floating away while sirens sang to me. floating into darkness until i could neither see nor hear any longer.

do you remember that scene at the end of excalibur? arthur was dying after the battle with his son, mordred. arthur was put on the boat, funeral pyre blazing, floating out to meet his end. this song would have been the perfect musical companion for that scene.

or maybe i'm reaching...

listen: sigur ros > sigur 9B

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