late to the party, as usual, but i made it! (how i found soul sides again)

i vaguely remember seeing this site sometime last year and kinda forgetting about it. i had somehow followed links to poplicks, which is a pop-culture and politics kinda site. poplicks is done in part by a guy named oliver wang. his other blog is an audio-blog called soul sides, which is what i'd like to mention. the reason i'm bringing this up is because i was reminded about it the other day. there was a brief paragraph and link over at pitchfork. looks like soul sides is releasing a compilation (on march 21) with some hard-to-find stuff. it looks pretty cool, and the money is going to the rhythm and blues foundation, which can only be a good thing. if you're into soul or r&b (hello sharon!), then this is the site for the both of us. i won't forget about it this time.


Stef said...

What a great site that Soul Sides is.

I could spend ages downloading Soul gems. Unfortunately I have to go to work :-(

robot_hero said...

yap, soul sides pretty much kicks ass. i can't wait to get my paws on that comp.