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a couple weeks ago, i was talking on the phone with my dad. the conversation ended and the phone froze up. the backlight went on and the keypad locked up. that was it, phone-death by seizure. so a couple days later, i got one of those fancy-schmancy razr phones. it's pretty sweet, but the ringtones are either inaudible or plain obnoxious. so i downloaded a puffy amiyumi ringtone which is both audible and obnoxious. it's part of the theme song from the "hi hi puffy amiyumi show".

i'd first heard of puffy amiyumi a couple of years ago, when they were scheduled to play a show at the fillmore. i saw the listing, wondering who they were, and looked them up. the internet is a wonderful thing. the description was enough to hold my interest and i found an album, called "Nice", to download. BAM! it was like a knockout punch. the catchiest pop album ever. i was hooked. to me, it sounds like the best parts of all the best pop songs i'd ever heard, but it didn't sound like a cheesy ripoff. the music is fun, doesn't take itself too seriously, and it stands on its own (despite the obvious laundry-list of influences). oh yeah, and the girls are cute.

between then and now, i've managed to get my hands on most of the releases i could find and i've seen them live once. i don't really like the cartoon show that much. the voices aren't even the real ami and yumi. whatever, i'm all about the music.

you can be as well...
download: hi hi (tv show theme)
download: kore ga watashi no ikiru michi
download: always dreamin' about you
download: sayonara

the old puffy site
wikipedia entry


Stef said...

Oh blimey, I've managed to miss this whole "hi hi puffy amiyumi" thing, if indeed it is a 'thing' in the UK. But when I heard the first song I just sat, stared at my screen and, after about 5 seconds my face split into a big grin.

I'm not sure I actually like it but it certainly made me smile :-)

robot_hero said...

that's cool, i love em ^_^

Wood said...

I still listen to that copy of NICE you thrust into my paw at Amoeba last year, old boy. Great stuff.

robot_hero said...