show me a place i might find you

i just heard this song, "where's my love?", by caroline. you can pick up her single from temporary residence limited. you can also download the mp3 on the TRL site, and you can stream it (and the very cool remix) on caroline's myspace site. the song itself is really pretty, it sounds like a music box with little electronic glitches. it's really cool. check it out and grab a copy of the single, i know i will. i was able to dig up a bit of info on her here. this is her first single and she apparently has an album coming in march.


Stef said...

Hmmm... The TRL site seems to be down at the moment and while I can stream from the MySpace site it's 5am and I don't want to wake the neighbours but it won't let me download :-(

robot_hero said...

hope you're able to check it soon