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a couple weeks ago, i was checking out a stream from rhino records called future retro (click here if you'd like to check it out). it's a bunch of remixed 80s tracks, which you can conveniently purchase here. so one of the tracks on there is book of love's "boy", used to be one of my favorites. i hadn't heard it in aaaaaages so i dug out the album when i got home from work. it's a bit dated, but still catchy synthpop. "i touch roses" and "boy" were huge club hits back in those days, and they still sound good. the cd has a couple remixes of those and other tracks. my other favorite songs are "you make me feel so good" and "book of love". a little bit of trivia: susan ottaviano had a small spot in silence of the lambs. she plays a friend of the first victim. when the cops go back to interview her to try and get more info/insight, you can hear a book of love song playing in the background (although i can't remember which one it is and i don't have a copy of the movie). also, you can hear "modigliani (lost in your eyes)" in the movie, "planes trains and automobiles".

a couple tracks for you to check out:
you make me feel so good
i touch roses (long stemmed mix)


Stef said...

Hmmm... Not a big fan of that I'm afraid but then again I'm not a big fan of the 80s (except Kate of course), so...

Interesting to listen to something different though and a cunning use of YouSendIt to host your files for a bit :-)

robot_hero said...

yeah, i'm generally not a huge 80s fan myself, but there are still a few artists/songs for which i'll make time.

Stef said...

Always wise to make an exception to your rules I reckon.

We obviously have a connection in liking Kate Bush but Kate's really the exception to my 'no slow, whimsical ballad-like stuff'. The vast majority of my musical diet has a bit more... Beef. Be that rock from the likes of Zep or the White Stripes or electronica from the likes of the Plump DJs (I can't stand trance), they all have serious grunt.

About the only thing I like laid back is Jazz or Hip-hop where I like the more old-skool style of artists like Jurassic 5 or DJ Format rather than the harder edged stuff.

I'm not that big into most singer-songwriters, especiallyl James Blunt (yuk!)

robot_hero said...

that's cool. i'm kinda all over the map. i'm even starting to like some country music! my friends all think i'm weird (which i am). completely agreed on james blunt. that dude is not cool at all.