jeff yang's asian pop

jeff yang's column usually rolls around every couple weeks at sfgate.com. it's called "asian pop" and pretty much centered on anything that's pop culture with an asian angle. this week had steven seagal getting clowned pretty hard, i burst out laughing while reading it at work.

-- Steven Seagal's Lightning Bolt Energy Drink ($2.99 per can): Martial artist-turned-action-hero-turned-Tibetan monk-turned-assclown Steven Seagal has put his questionable endorsement on a grade-Z line of energy beverages that promises to offer the "Asian Experience." You may disagree, but Seagal is just about the last person on earth I want interpreting the Asian experience, especially for something that I'm supposed to put in my mouth. The drinks' listed ingredients range from Tibetan Goji Berry to Asian Cordyceps to Gingko Biloba. I suspect they actually taste of shame and desperation.

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Stef said...

I can't imagine anyone thinking "hell, this can has a picture of Steven Segal on it, I'll get that instead of this other can" More likely it'd put you off I'd have thought!

He doesn't exactly make me think "asian" either.