hey pretty baby, get high with me

www.anti.com has a new neko case track, "star witness", available for download. her album, "fox confessor brings the flood" is due on march 7, and it couldn't come a moment too soon. "star witness" is, i think, about a boyfriend who dies in a car accident. the songs feels dark and sad, with a little bit of hope. the piano at the end is absolutely brilliant. do check it out, it's on the page that's linked at the beginning of this paragraph, or use this handy dandy yousendit.com link.

also on the site, there's an electronic press kit. it's a fifteen minute video of neko discussing the process she went through in making this album. the bird song is gonna be on this album, i can't fucking wait. the last 4-5 times i've seen her, she's played this song and i never caught the title. there's a snippet of the song on the video, she said she wrote it a few years ago. the song is called "maybe sparrow", but i've been calling it the bird song because she always prefaces the song by briefly mentioning a fascination with birds. also, some of the musicians get to talk about their part and their relationships with neko. it's pretty neat. unfortunately, you'll need real audio player to view the video.

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