a history of violence

took my dad out to the movies tonight and we decided to catch a history of violence. i enjoyed it, especially the ending. the characters were set up nicely, but not so slow that you'd get bored. once the moving was rolling, i lost track of everything around me and was absorbed in the story. all of the performances were spot on, i cared about each of the characters, although the wife and daughter characters weren't fleshed out as much as the males in the cast. the daughter was around 6ish, so there obviously wouldn't be much to her. the wife wasn't some bimbo female only there for her looks, but to me she was still kinda fluffy (the devoted wife who becomes bewildered as the plot twists and turns) seeing as how the movie focused on the actions of the male characters. i'm not saying she didn't do a good job, just that the film wasn't as concerned with her as much as it was with other characters.

without giving away the ending, i'll again say that it really appealed to me. i hate hate hate the typical steven spielberg wrapped-up-with-a-bow ending. so check it out. some are saying cronenberg has gone mainstream, but
a good movie is a good movie and the "mainstream" tag shouldn't matter, as long as the film is well written, acted, and directed.


Stef said...

I hate happy hollywood endings with a passion.

Thought about going to see this but missed it. Might try and check out the DVD when it hits the stores but convincing the Mrs to see a movie with that title might be tricky.

Hope you had a good holiday.

robot_hero said...

i think it's definitely worth a look. the title might be slightly misleading. the violence is there (and with a few cronenberg touches), but it isn't gratuitous and the camera doesn't linger on the end result. looks like the dvd is available here in the states, not sure if it's out for you uk peeps.