sigur ros

saturday was another lazy day. i woke up before noon, which is early for me on a weekend, and i started checking craigslist for tix to the show. alternating between napping and sending emails to sellers who never responded to me, it looked hopeless. finally, around 4pm, i got a response. this guy's friend from sacramento bailed cuz she was having car troubles. we arrange to meet at 8pm in front of the venue.

i leave here around 7pm, forgetting about the bay bridge retrofit. there are a few different ways to get onto the bridge from downtown san francisco, and all but one of them were under construction. the traffic was horrendous. i tried every shortcut i knew. it was nearly 7.30 and the approach to the bridge looked to be at least half an hour wait.

finally, i say "fuck this" to myself, spin out of the traffic and head towards market street. i leave my car on the embarcadero and make a dash for the BART train. i get down there and a train is just pulling up. i hop on and i kinda guess at where my stop should be, since i'm not too familiar with oakland. i get lucky, i'm a couple blocks from the paramount and i arrive at 7.50. i meet up with raul and kristin, a very nice couple from san jose, we make the exchange and i head in.

amina, the support group, are excellent. i need to get their album. they double as the string section for sigur ros. sigur ros do not disappoint. all my stress and troubles disappear while they play. it was fucking great.

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