let's exchange the experience

kate bush's new album, aerial, comes out november 7th. her last album, the red shoes, was released in 1993. i think this is the longest i've ever waited for an artist to release an album. the fact that the red shoes was so disappointing to me has me hoping that this album isn't more of the same. a lot can change in twelve years.

my first encounter with kate bush was in 1985, while i was at pete's house. we didn't have cable and pete's family did, so i was always channel surfing at his place. the
single file video was playing on the usa network, which i found out after watching the program. i was mesmerized by this woman who was singing and dancing while in these strange chainmail costumes.

the next week, i went to tower records and looked her up. i bought
hounds of love, which was her latest album at the time, and fell in love. goddamn, that album is good. it's beautiful, magical, and wonderful. i eventually picked up just about everything she released. if i had to pick a favorite album, it'd be the dreaming (with hounds running a close second).

kate bush is responsible for my most expensive single musical purchase. the box set,
this woman's work, had all 6 albums plus two discs of b-sides. it was import only. i couldn't find it around here, but a friend of mine in los angeles had located it at aaron's records. i begged him to buy it for me. it came out to about $225, so i wrote him a check and mailed it off. i already had the albums on vinyl, and now i had them all on cd and i didn't care. rapture.

so yeah, two more months and a new kate bush DOUBLE album! YEAH! put that under your christmas tree!


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