black friday

the other day, i found out a former coworker died. i'm planning on going to the wake tonight. we weren't best friends, but we did talk a lot when we worked together. she was cool, i liked her and respected her because she worked hard. once, we were talking for an hour or so about old school motown stuff that we liked. i went home that night and made her a mix cd of the songs that had come up during the conversation. omg, she was so happy when i gave it to her a couple days later. i swear, for a month straight she would tell me about how she listened to the cd i made her the previous night. she said she would put on the cd and not let anyone touch the stereo until the disc was finished. it was cool that something so simple could make a person so happy. i love when you can connect with someone through music.

i left that job three years ago and have seen her only a couple times since then. i was walking home from work when my friend called to let me know what happened, i stopped in my tracks as my heart sank. i'm not the emotional type; i don't cry easily, but man, i've been feeling ten kinds of awful all this week. this, coupled with some other crap that's been running through my head...so, yeah...


Wood said...

That's pretty sad. But then, you had a connection with her, and it's a cool way to remember her.

Sharon said...

That's so sad. But as wood said, it's happy sad.