the long and not-so-winding road

driving home from the go! team gig, i stuck my camera out of the sunroof as i was heading down gough street.


always dreamin' about you

np: puffy amiyumi > fever fever

so yeah, i bought a few cd's tonight:
  • david bowie > scary monsters
  • david bowie > stage
  • king crimson > larks tongues in aspic
  • uk > concert classics vol. 4
  • juana molina > segundo
  • juana molina > tres cosas
a few of us watched the virgin suicides over the weekend. i really love that movie, it's got this dreamy quality to it. the mood was completely ruined, though, by johnny fucking talking over the whole goddamn thing. christ, i wanted to beat the shit outta him. anyways...

i've been obsessing over puffy amiyumi, as well. "always dreaming about you" from fever fever is totally stuck in my head, like bubblegum. it's such a sweet and cute song. i'll put it up on the mixtape this weekend.

i downloaded the aforementioned segundo album last week, and it's wonderful. i don't even speak spanish and i fucking love it. i read up on ms. molina a little bit, apparently she's a comedic tv actress from argentina. her first album (she has three available, of which i bought the latter two) is standard actress-turned-singer fare (according to the review i read). segundo (the second album) is where she turns a bit experimental. tres cosas is the most recent one and was recommended by allmusic.com. i haven't heard that one yet, i'll probably check it out while at work tomorrow.

speaking of work, my job has become nearly unbearable. anyone got anything for me?