Have a Heart

I made it back in one piece from my family reunion in Las Vegas. This is my musical mix ode to 2010. Not necessarily the best, just what I like. Click on for more.


Happy holidays, peeps!

I may or may not be able to sneak in a few posts (if anyone is reading) before the end of the year. If I can't, then happy holidays to y'all. Here's a little Xmas mix I put up on 8tracks, press play if you're so inclined.

Chillin' and coolin' just like a snowman

Christmas eve with a classic.

Run DMC > Christmas in Hollis


My heart is as cold as ice

A Xmas gift to you, from Tracey Thorn and her ice cold heart. Sister Winter is a free track that you can grab over at her website. I think it's just hit me that Xmas is right around the corner. The last of the presents I bought arrived in the post yesterday, and I don't have to work for a couple weeks. And then, I ran into this lovely little tune. Pretty sweet.

Tracey Thorn > Sister Winter


Soulful Christmas

From James Brown's Funky Christmas, wishing you a Soulful Christmas. James Brown loves you.

James Brown > Soulful Christmas


Merry Christmas, baby!

From the great Otis Redding! What a terrific pic of Otis Redding Jr. & Otis Redding III.

Otis Redding > Merry Christmas Baby


Hey baby, I've got something for you

Recorded for a Target Xmas compilation, Best Coast and Wavves throw their hat into the holiday pop songs circle with Got Something For You. It looks like you can download the rest of the album here, for free.

Best Coast / Wavves > Got Something For You


Le Cantique de Noël

Here comes Röyksopp's take on Le Cantique de Noël. It sounds like a lost Jean-Michel Jarre Xmas track or something.

Röyksopp > Le Cantique de Noël


Santa Baby

The belles of Oakland, The Hot Toddies, give us their twisted version of Santa Baby.

Phantom Phone Vibration

The other day, I followed a link that led me to 8tracks.com, and I decided to sign up. It's kinda neat, you make little mixes (the rules state they must be at least 8 songs and no more than 2 songs from the same artist) from your own mp3/m4a (those are the only file types you are allowed to upload) collection and create your own station. If you remember Muxtape, it's basically the same thing, except 8tracks seems to have a license worked out with the record labels. Who knows, maybe this will last.

In any case, I've thrown a couple mixes together and this is the latest one. Check it out, if you're so inclined. The others are over here, and add me or link me to yours, if you decide to join.


21st Century Christmas

Christmas with all of the modern conveniences. It can't be that bad, especially if it involves Saint Etienne.

Saint Etienne > 21st Century Christmas


Christmas is the Saddest Day of the Year

It's statistically proven.

Jill Sobule > (Christmas is) The Saddest Day of the Year