Polaroid Piano

A couple years ago, someone from the old Bowlie board hipped me to Akira Kosemura via a mixtape trade. I liked the track and I grabbed the album, but only recently have I begun to further investigate Kosemura. Last month, I ran into his album, Polaroid Piano, which is quite lovely. It's like the sound of a lazy spring day lying in the sun; dreamy, quiet and warm. With that in mind, you can just look at the album cover above and imagine you're lying somewhere in there while listening to the album. I also quite like the fact that you can hear the creak of the piano pedals, as if you might be sitting in the same room in which he's playing. Also, the album is very short (the longest song is 4 minutes and change) which makes it a pleasant listen, and leaves you wanting a little bit more. Sorta like that nap in the sun, you wish it would go on and on but it always ends too soon and is never enough.

After you listen to April, you can stream more Akira Kosemura here, if you're so inclined.

Akira Kosemura > April


I just caught this Babybird video (via Popmatters), Unloveable. The video is directed by Johnny Depp, who also apparently plays guitar on the track. The track is from a new Babybird album, Ex-Maniac, which dropped earlier this month. Nice to see Babybird is still going, I haven't really kept up with them. Listen to more Babybird here and check out the official site here.


Love Is All Around

Another vid, it's Kiki's Delivery Service vs. Joan Jett's Love Is All Around

Sam Bell

Something I made while playing around with Movie Maker, it's Moon vs. The Album Leaf's Blank Pages.

Long is the way...


I made a mix for myself for fun, so I thought I'd post it here in case anybody else might be interested. It's mostly new-ish stuff, with a few older tunes. It's long, so beware. You might want to digest it in little chunks, or maybe just put it on at work and let it roll. Download link below!

1. The Album Leaf - Blank Pages
2. Akira Kosemura - It's on Everything
3. The Knife - Colouring Of Pigeons
4. Dinah Washington & Max Richter - This Bitter Earth/On The Nature of Daylight
5. Four Tet - Love Cry
6. Beach House - Norway
7. Lali Puna - Move On
8. Ra Ra Riot - Suspended In Gaffa
9. Sambassadeur - High And Low
10. Apparatjik - Antlers
11. UNKLE - Natural Selection (Team Ghost Remix)
12. Phantogram - When I'm Small
13. Gemma Hayes - Cloudbusting
14. El Perro Del Mar - Hello Goodbye
15. Theoretical Girl - Thorn in My Side (Stripped Down Demo)
16. Flight Of The Conchords - Hurt Feelings
17. jj - Things Will Never Be The Same Again
18. The Radio Dept. - Heaven's On Fire
19. Autour de Lucie - L'accord Parfait
20. Marina and The Diamonds - I Am Not A Robot
21. Miles Kurosky - Pink Lips, Black Lungs
22. Charlotte Gainsbourg - Greenwich Mean Time
23. Lucky Soul - White Russian Doll
25. Surfer Blood - Swim
26. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll
27. Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - Bottled In Cork
28. Squeeze - Up The Junction
29. Sweet Trip - Pretending


Crooked teeth and everything


I'm really digging this track by Unkle. Having never really listened to them before, I am fairly certain it is a new track. The thing is, I found it while I was looking up Team Ghost, a new project of Nicolas Fromageau, who is formerly of M83. This particular Unkle track, which is remixed by Team Ghost, is streaming here. Look for the Team Ghost EP, which is coming soon, on Sonic Cathedral. And now it seems I should dig deepr into Unkle. Recommendations would be welcome.

Unkle > Natural Selection (Team Ghost Remix)

The worst songs you'll ever hear at a sporting event

This is the holy trinity, right here.