There's a constant ringing in my ears

Fuck, man...I love this song. LOVE. Like with roses, a box of chocolates, big valentine hearts and stuff. Forget the dinner and a movie, let's just get straight to it.

I love the retro graphics on their website. New album, Consolers of the Lonely, is out now. Check it out, and listen to more songs here.

The Raconteurs > Consoler of the Lonely


jennifer said...

Oh my god, total 70s arena rock dad-style! You old man. ;-p

That web site IS great though! It makes me soooooooo want to play Oregon Trail in its original format, on a big ol clunky Apple Mac with just black and green/yellow colors.

robot hero said...

WTF!? Arena rock!? You are TOTALLY smoking crack! Pass the pipe, girl!

Stef said...

Loving the new album, got tickets to go and see them next month. Yay!

robot hero said...

I'm with ya...I'm gonna see them next week!